Link Roundup, March 21, 2014


ABC News: Dying Zoo Worker Gets Goodbye Kiss From Giraffe

In case you missed it, the San Jose Sharks signed an 18-year-old fan with a heart condition to a one-day contract. Totally awesome, only 54 seconds long: Watch it.

General Interest

The Birthright Bill, which allows adoptees to learn about their birth parents, is generating some controversy. ACLU is wrong on Adoptees’ Birthright Bill


Sandra Fluke wants to ban the word “bossy”? Is she going to stop telling me I owe her free birth control?
Twitchy: Feel the burn! Sandra Fluke wants to #BanBossy, gets pwned instead

Nancy Pelosi is a piece of work.
The Blaze: Pelosi Praises Obama As Most Nonpartisan President She Has Ever Worked With

Non-compliance is getting interesting.
The Blaze: New Jersey CEO Takes a Stand Over Proposed Gun Control Bill, Warns Lawmakers ‘We Will Not Comply’ Just Like Connecticut


A girl took away a straight razor that another student was using (going to use?) to cut himself. She told a teacher what happened. They gave her a 10-day suspension and were going to recommend her for expulsion — because she had a weapon, and that violates their zero-tolerance policy. Fortunately, eventually, the school retracted the suspension — but what the hell were they thinking?
WAVY news: Record cleared for student involved in razor incident

Common Core Math is neither common to us nor core to understanding math, apparently. I don’t know how to express what’s wrong here.
Weasel Zippers: Another Baffling Common Core Math Problem

Awful Common Core Problem

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