Link Roundup, 7/6/2016

The College Fix, “UC Berkeley ‘income inequality’ experts earn more than $300,000 a year.” Nice work if you can get it (on the backs of the downtrodden).

Lazy Spain! The Independent, “Two Spanish workers fired after 15 years of absence.” It’s a driver and a gardener. The kicker is the subheadline, though: Union to launch legal appeal against dismissals. Oh, no, this is the kicker, in the last paragraph: “Earlier this year, Spanish civil servant Joaquín García was fined €27,000 by a court in Cádiz after skipping work for six years. His absence was noticed only when he was due to collect an award for long service.”

CNN, “U.S. sanctions North Korean leader for first time over human rights abuses.” I might actually agree with the Obama administration on something.

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