Another “Explanation” That’s Worse Than The Problem

You’re going to be hearing a lot about 2014 being the hottest year on record. What you won’t hear from most sources is that the difference is about 0.01 degree — one one-hundredth of a degree — which is smaller than the margin of error on the equipment they’re measuring with.

You certainly won’t see it in the NASA release linked above.

It’s not anti-science to note that the explanation of the “hottest year” is missing this key piece of information.

So, after a “pause” that has lasted something like 18 years, and which is explained away by exposing a major flaw in the climate models, we’re now supposed to be convinced that climate change really, really IS on its way as quickly and catastrophically as the hype has led us to believe — because 2014 was pretty much the exact same temperature as 2005.

No: The real story here is that the pause has continued for another year. 

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