Patty on the Potty

Patty, 2, is learning to use the potty. She’s still a little unstable, though, so she holds my thumbs...

The Koch Brothers Undermine Democracy In New York City. No, I Mean, Campaign Finance “Reform” Does.

New York City’s campaign finance law also contains a vast carve-out for unions. In 2005, the CFB attempted to codify its practice of treating local union contributions as “single source” contributions. That is, each union was subject to the $4,950 contribution limit per candidate that applies to individuals.

Labor pushed back and got a bill through the City Council in 2005 that allows for nearly unlimited campaign contributions by unions. Each of many local union chapters now has the ability to make the maximum $4,950 donations as a separate entity—even though they all remain firmly under the umbrella of a single union.

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